B1174 questions about RAATServer.exe on Windows

I was previously having an issue when I used Roon over my wireguard VPN where when my laptop would go into modern standby and then wake up the laptops own endpoint would disappear until I disconnect and reconnect to the VPN or restart raatserver.exe. I noticed with build 1174 this no longer happens? Can someone from Roon let me know if this has been fixed!? If so I’m absolutely thrilled because it was very annoying when I used Roon on my laptop at work.

Hi @mackid1993

So just to be clear, your core is at one location (home) and you’re connecting to the network it is on via Wireguard VPN from a 2nd location (work).

If this is correct,

I don’t think Roon technically support this feature/connection type officially and may not give feedback to you.

What you describe is similar to my findings but Wireguard VPN is better than WiFiMan VPN.

No I know it’s not supported, but I noticed the issue I was having with my endpoint disappearing after my laptop went to sleep is totally gone now. I was curious if they did anything to fix that.

I’d say it’s coincidental maybe with improvements made with Arc, I guess.

I too have noticed my endpoint via VPN remains, or is available a lot quicker when remotely connecting. I also find Arc more stable so tend to stick with that in most situations.

I tried running ARC under WSA on my PC, WSA just eats up so much ram that it’s not worth it to me. I’m much happier using the regular Roon client on my PC when on the go and then using ARC on my phone when I’m in the car or out and about.