B1177 No Images [Fix deployed in B1178]

All Artist and Album Images are failing to load on 1177. Windows 10 Core and same PC as remote. Tried rebooting the Core, no change. Cleared the cache to confirm that no images load. Rolled back to previous release and images loading correctly.

All good here with Roon Build 1177 on Nucleus, Dell XPS 15, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad Mini 6, and iPad 8th Gen.

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I can’t get the images to load on Android remotes either, so definitely a Core issue. Perhaps specific to Windows?

Something wrong. I’m seeing this now on my Windows 10 Roon core…

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Never mind. Something still wrong.

Same problem on Nucleus now.

Images are not loading in Roon.

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I think something is wrong with their image server. Roon is like “Whack-A-Mole.”

Appreciate your input. Just to reiterate, for feedback purposes, that images are still loading correctly on Build 1174. Problem is specific to 1177.

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Here’s my Nucleus now…

iPhone seems OK. Must be build 1177 on Windows 10 screen, Roon core and Roon remote.

EDIT: iPad is OK also.

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Could be, I haven’t updated and still on Windows build 1174 and everything is there and quick.

Thanks for the reports on this. We’ve isolated the issue and we’re getting a fix ready.

This is just a communications break so nothing in your library or db has been impacted. We hope to have new builds up shortly.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


No problem whatsoever. It’s the whole point of Early Access. Great idea and I’m happy to be involved.

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We’ve just deployed a Core platform builds that we believe should fix the issue. I’ll update today’s release notes to reflect build number change


All good here. Thanks.

Seems to be all fixed now. Thanks.

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Gotta love that cloud dependency.

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I don’t think it was a cloud issue as local artwork wouldn’t load either.