B1180 Stability Issues on Remote

I’m running on Windows 10 here on my work laptop (with the Core on my QNAP NAS) and I’m constantly plagued by stability issues with the Remote player. I’m only using the Remote to control a nearby Raspberry Pi. But I run the client in the background either minimized or behind other windows. The stability issues happen when I want to switch to the Remote’s window. Either from the task bar or clicking on the window (if another program is over top of the Remote).

What happens is that the Remote freezes. Sometimes for a few seconds or other times it freezes and then crashes entirely (the music keeps playing though). It is especially frustrating when it crashes because usually I’m switching to the window to pause the playback while I take a call or something.

Sometimes I click on the ‘pause’ button and it registers the click but then freezes and only when I unfreezes it will actually pause the music. (i.e., I usually don’t need to click on the ‘pause’ button again when the Remote unfreezes). If the Remote stays open on one of my screens it doesn’t have stability issues and the Remote is responsive.

Let me know if you need any further information about my set-up or machine with the Remote. Thanks.

Hi J_B

Windows having issues coming back from not being active has been reported on the main forums and is under investigation. I would move your post there, but, you put it in Early Access.

One workaround is to setup a second desktop, open Roon Remote there and leave it open, and then just switch desktops. Since it is always “open and active” on the other desktop it doesn’t seem to crash (hasn’t happened for me). You can desktop switch with keystrokes so it gets to be very quick.

Oh that’s a good idea! I do this for other programs too.

I put this in early access because we were asked to report bugs here if we had earlyaccess installed.

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Ok, an update, your suggested solution of putting it on another desktop was only marginal improvement. It worked up to a point but then still crashed when I needed it the most.