B1191/B129 ARC Can still access Tidal even after disconnecting it?

I disconnected Tidal and the content is not only still in my arc but I can play it, without account details…

Tried deleting the app, resetting arc and I can still play albums from tidal, also see them in my library.


(Being serious, it’s surely good to alert Roon to this so that they don’t get into problems with Tidal)

That is what I was thinking, obviously not a problem for me but a pretty serious bug from a licensing point of view (I’d imagine).

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Found the solution:

On my Room iOS app (as shown in the picture) I had signed out of tidal. When I loaded roon on my android phone, it showed tidal as still linked. When I signed out there, Arc no longer shows Tidal content and I can’t play anything from tidal.

hi @crowlem ,
thanks for reporting. We need some additional details to reproduce the issue. How often do you get this issue? Can you please provide info about your setup? In case you’re able to reproduce it, please provide us with a timestamp, of when the issue occurred. This, I hope, would help us to understand the core of the issue.
regards Oleh