B1191 Roon Core on Mac M1 crash everyday once or twice started with B1180 [Investigating]

Roon Core on Mac M1 crash everyday once or twice sins 1180 and with the last 1191

so even remote on Ipad

Can you provide more info?

I’m on a m1 mini. Not a single crash

There is no More info
Where can I find crashlog?

I was thinking about information about your hardware and operating system under Core Machine . Under Networking Details how you connect to the internet at home, and how your devices are connected and the way your network is set up. Audio Devices to cover your devices and their connection type (USB, HDMI, etc.).

Do you get the usual apple crash log? or the roon app just vanishes?

Roon on Mac mini m1
Network or endpoints has nothing to do with corecrash on a computer.
I got an applecrashlog everytime everyday
It started with 1180 and I had no crashes before that version.

What osx? Anything particular that I could reproduce to see the result?



Try to find out what could be an internal problem. Under power OS X there is an option to let HDD go standby. Maybe that is an problem for Roon?
Since 1180 … had no problem before that version and have no problem with any other aplication

I’ll try. And tell you in 8 hours when I come back from work. Usually my roon works 24/7 and Ventura is set to never save power, sleep, etc. Just that it is headless so I’m running using screen share. I had some problems when I did wake up Ventura from sleep roon was frozen, not crashing but had to restart the app.
What roon are you using? Roon or Roon Server? I had slowness with Roon so I did replace with Roon Server and it is much better.
Do you have Time Machine on?

Hi, @Eric_Sahlvall, thanks for reporting.

So we can provide the team a better idea of what exactly is occurring during the crash, we are hoping you can provide the logs directly from the Mac. Please see the following steps:

Open Console.app (this is part of mac os x. You can command-spacebar and then type “console” to find it).

Then go into the “User Reports” section, and see if you can find any Roon crashes in there.

For any crashes, paste the contents into a text doc and then send that file over to use so we can take a look.


I would kindly ask you to upload the archive with crash reports here.

I have uploaded an crashlog

Thank you @Eric_Sahlvall !
This seems to be a known issue and we are investigating this problem.


I had no Moore crash after “unable HDD standby when it is possible”
So maybe that is the issue that is known?

Today I have changed from full install to Roon Server on my Mac mini M1 (just for fun)
Like to try new things, but there was other users recommend that. Have other iOS and MacOs devises to use for remotecontroll. Works fine and it was very easy to change and use backup
Took me 10 minuts to change

Anable Autologin and Autostart. Tried it and it works fine


Just use the amphetamine app with roon. I have zero issues since roon 2.0. M1 MacBook

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You can use the Roon app as the control even if it’s on the same machine as the server. No need to remove the app from the machine. The roon app will allow you to connect the the core running from the RoonServer app.

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