B1191 Roon Remote on Windows is crashing every 60 seconds [Ticket in, fixed in #1194]

The latest version of the remote is so unstable that it crashes every 60 seconds consistently (I timed it). It’s basically unusable for me (in Windows). Is anyone else having this problem?

i appear to to have the same, or similar, problem but i’m not sure if roon remote is crashing first (iPad) or the core (windows 11 64 pro) . Timing is inconsistent but so far the system has crashed 10-15 times today and is now unusable.

My core on Win10 is crashing but only when idle - it played all afternoon, but as soon as I paused it crashed. It crashed yesterday 4 times while idle… My iPad remote is fine (also on B1191).

I’ve tried restoring the database from a backup taken a week ago but still having problems with random crashing. It happens in the middle of playback and when everything is idle so no idea what the issue is so far…:confounded:

Hi @J_B !
Thanks for reporting!
Could you please share your Remote logs?
Here you may find out how to reach them. To share, you may use any cloud storage: Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc, or you can just upload them here – link.
Thank you!

@PixelPopper, @Milton_Krueger, may I ask you to do the same – share Roon logs from the affected machine, please?

You can upload them here – link



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Ok, it’s done. Thanks.

PS: please note that, for me, my Core is on another machine and I’m only using the Remote to control a device (ropieee) that is not connected to my computer. When there is a crash, only the Remote is affected. The both the Core and the ropieee are unaffected by the crash.

Hi @ivan. Files zipped & uploaded. Thanks…

link pm’d to you.

link pm’d to you as well…

Thanks! We will take a look as soon as possible.


Hi, everyone! We have a theory what might be causing the issue and the dev team is working on a fix. In the meantime, could you, please, tell me if you have any UPNP devices on your networks?



I don’t think there’s any UPNP going on.

Roon Core on Mac M1 crash everyday once or twice sins 1180 and with the last 1191

If I had any UNPnP devices, they aren’t using the protocol because I have it disabled on my network due to security reasons.

Hey everyone, we’ve just released a new build just for windows in an attempt to address this issue. Please install build 1194 and let us know whether the crashes continue.

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Heeey, four minutes in and going strong! I’ll let you know if it crashes again but so far it has lasted four times longer than usual…


After a couple of hours of playback and a couple of hours at idle with no crashes…I’d say you nailed it. Big thanks to the team!


Hi @vova I think you’ve “cracked it” been running without incident for nearly 4 hours, thanks for the quick fix :pray: