B1197 Strange Genre translations

With B1197 (Dutch localization) strange translations appear in the genre buttons (see screenshots). As a result, for example, ‘Folk’ is translated into Dutch as ‘Volk’, but we simply use Folk as genre. Another example is ‘alternative singer-songwriter’, which is half translated into Dutch and half remains in English.

Thanks for flagging this @Jan_Willem. We are working on expanding localization in Roon, but it’s not quite ready for feedback and wasn’t supposed to be visible yet.

We’ll get this fixed in the next build, and will be in touch about getting these genre translations right. Thanks again!

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@mike It may be useful to know that in Dutch most genres in popular music are identical to English. I get the impression that the translations (as shown above) are machine translations which in later production versions of Roon would give a very undesirable result if implemented that way.

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Yep, it’s really good feedback.

We will be making these translations available to translators for further refinement, and we can look into backing out of the initial translations in some languages if they’re not delivering value.

I suspect localized genres will be more valuable for users running in Korean or Japanese than Dutch or German, for example, but we will see when this work is a bit further along.

@alec_eiffel – are there any genres you would expect to see translated in French? Or are your feelings similar to @Jan_Willem on this?

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Looking at the genres I see in my library most of them are OK as they are:

  • Pop/Rock
  • Jazz
  • R&B
  • International
  • Vocal
  • Blues
  • Rap
  • Folk
  • New Age
  • Country
  • Latin
  • Reggae
  • Avant Garde
  • Easy Listening
  • World Fusion

But there is an interest to translate these:

  • Classical → Classique
  • Electronic → Electronique
  • Stage & Screen → Scène et Cinéma
  • Holiday → Noël
  • Childre → Enfants
  • Religious → Religieux

Looking at sub-genres there is definitely interest to have a French translation. If there is an opprtunity to translate genres, please also consider sub-genres.

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Agree, but no machine translations please :nerd_face:

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Fair enough, there is a lot of nuance in genres.

Maybe we populate the system with the original English, and then translators can opt-in as they see fit, per genre.

Will discuss with the team on Monday. Thanks folks!


Looks like a good idea, allowing a smooth transition. Machne translations would be worse than English