B1208 Roon ARC UPnP configuration fails after ISP internet outage

Hi @Early_Access

I have made an observation of a slightly annoying behaviour on my core. This is probably not related directly to B1208 in particular.

My ISP has had a few outages recently due to failed network equipment in their infrastructure.

I have noticed that after each outage (with connectivity restored) my core (ROCK on NUC 8i3) is no longer able to properly configure the UPnP port rule for ARC. I have to restart Roon server in order to allow it to configure the port. If I do not do this then the port config fails and ARC will not work remotely. Twice now I have not noticed this issue until I was trying to use ARC while out and about, only then finding it would not connect to the Core.

The error I see in the ARC diagnostics (I dont have a full transcript sorry) is that UPnP is not available.

This may also be an issue with my router I suppose but the fact a reboot of the Core resolves it makes me think that something on the Roon side is broken too.

My router is a Zyxel Multy X AC3000 [WSQ50]

Just to confirm, I had exactly the same issue with ARC from day one:

As soon as I had to reboot my router or just the modem for some reason, the connection via UPnP regularly stopped working afterwards.
A core reboot fixed this with UPnP and ARC working again. I did not try to reboot only the server.
(That’s why I configured a port forwarding rule for my router instead of UPnP, so everything runs perfectly now without any interruptions or failures.)
My router: ASUS RT-AX86U
Modem in bridge mode: Huawei CPE Pro 5g
Core: ROCK, NUC i7

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