B1208 Stops playing network or hardware error

It started with this build. Happens with local or streaming services.
My network is 1g hardwired and isn’t oversubscribed.

I added 7 songs this morning (1 album) 3 of the 7 songs stopped at random times, threw up an error about, network or hardware issue stopped playback. Then I have to hit play again.

It has been my past experience that if a network or hardware error occurred it happened for every track. EG each track would load, fail and move on. I observed this trying DSD256 on wifi, hence hard wired now.
In this case it doesn’t move on and play, it just stops on the next track it does mark the track as played and updates playcount.
For clarity, it happens with local media and streaming. Same albums sent via same network play fine under some unnamed competitors application to the exact gear. The ZenStream is super flexible in this regard.

Thank you.