B1212 earlyaccess - update broke genre tags for me [Fixed in #1218]

Updated to latest build today and it broke tags on remotes - Macbook, iPad and iPhone.

ARC seems to be unaffected.

Before updating:

After updating:

Show here though:

I have many other releases with the same issue.

If I try and update tags for a release still showing them, they go buh-bye after saving.

Everything updated to 1212 earlyaccess.

Genres are missing for me as well on many albums but not everywhere. 1212 on macOS Ventura 13.2.1

Good to know I am not the only one.

Let’s wait for support to chime in.

Tried to edit a few and they’re all acting up. Like this one for example…

I edited to:

And get:

Probably best not to touch while it’s broken :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the report!! We’re looking into this and it appears to be purely a display issue. Your custom genres and tags are still intact. We’ll get it fixed.


Cheers Andrew.

(The quote is from another thread in Support, but that thread should probably be moved here.)

The way the “Localized genre names” toggle is set doesn’t seem to have any effect on the display issue with the custom genre tags, but can someone explain what that switch is supposed to do?

Not sure if it belongs here, but I also notice that genre tags embedded in the metadata of local files seem not to be merged with the equivalent genre info sourced by Roon - like below. Is this new behaviour? (I cannot recall seeing the little ‘page’ icons before, but could be mistaken)

Example below, but similar for other local albums I checked.

the file metadata for all tracks in this album contains

For completeness, the streaming / Qobuz version of the album shows this:

And some of the new localization stuff that according to the B1212 release notes probably should not be visible seems to have leaked into the production build:

Same thing happened to me after updating to “2.0.11” 2.0 (build 1211). I didn’t sign up for early access so this is in the public build now apparently.

Yes, the link in the above post is for the production issue. They are working on it

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B1218 appears to have fixed the Genres missing and Genres duplication bugs, even though these were not explicitly mentioned in the release notes.

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This fix was already in B1216:


Good catch - missed that… Thanks.