B1216 Focus not working

Since the lastest update focus does not populate the sections for me to select. See this screenshot. Focus is very slow to slow and then when it finally does it’s empty. My saved focus bookmarks still work fine but I can’t ad any new elements to them. Is anyone else seeing this?

Hello @philr !

I will be happy to assist you with solving this issue.

Can you please specify which Remotes are affected?
Is it happening on all devices or on a specific one?
Also, have you tried reinstalling the application on the affected remote?

Thanks in advance for your reply!

@oleksandr Just checked all my remotes, windows 11 pc old ipad 3 and iphone 13 are working normally. It seems like it’s just a problem on my main remote which is an ipad pro 11 2nd gen, should I just try and reinstall roon remote on that device?

@philr Thank you for checking the behavior on all remotes.
Yes, as the 1st step, I suggest reinstalling the remote on the affected iPad.
If that doesn’t help, please let me know and we will find the solution for you. :slight_smile:

@oleksandr A reinstall on the affected iPad fixed the problem, now I just have to re-instate all my preferences on that remote, not the end of the world, thanks.

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