B1226 - B1212 Last-First Name Not Working

The bug that occurred in B1212 version has been reproduced again in this B1226 version. The Last-First Name Sort entry is not functional. We don’t attach a separate photo because we can see if the function works by testing it ourselves.

Where exactly do you see this and was it fixed for you in B1228? Works for me with B1228 and macOS. Here in “B”, Troy von Balthazar with the Last Name, First Name set to sort by Balthazar:


Hi, @Haruhata, thank you for the report. Could you, please, update to the latest build for the Early Access branch and see how it goes? The latest Early Access build is #1228.



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Hello. I’m leaving feedback late because I’m busy with work. The issue that occurred again in B1226 has been resolved in B1228. Thank you for your quick action. I’m able to enjoy my fun Roon life again. Let’s get along well from now on.

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