B1226 DAC (ASIO) not shown anymore

After installing Build 1226 on windows, i can not see my DAC or Asio configuration under AUDIO.
My ELAC DDP roon endpoint is still there but my RME ADI DAC is not reachable as a player on PC.
Just HDMI of my NUC and ELAC roon ready endpoint is there

It works correctly on PC without roon.
Restarting Windows, roon and rock brought no improvement
I no longer see any ASIO settings in roon under AUDIO

Someone has an idea?

Has everbody else all audio units and asio in audio configuration after the update?

I instaled win drivers for my RME dac again and restarted everything a few times.
Roon on windows does not find my Dac, damn

I take it the Core is a different PC? Try turning off the firewall on the Windows PC and see if the device shows up. If it does then you need to allow firewall access for Roon, RoonServer, Raatserver. Windows updates sometimes can reset previously set firewall exemptions.

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Hi rugby

Thanks for the tip

Core is a nuc with rock
I had no changes in my windows system the last days, but i will look for firewall configuration tomorrow.
First time i have device problems after a roon update on windows

with a turned off firewall my RME Dac is shown again.

In Firewall configuration i had roon.exe and raatserver.exe allowed
But no roonserver was there

After a reset of the firewall configuration and allowing roon again at next start it now works again :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you again for your help :ok_hand:

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