B1228 No refresh of screen [resolved B1237]

After adding a genre in the edit mode of an album, the screen does not refresh [Mac version]

Not again! :slight_smile: Yes, I can confirm, also on macOS
(However, custom genres that I added previously seem to get displayed)

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(deleted, made a new thread for this because slightly different)

When you leave the album view and return immediately (a ‘manual’ refresh). Then the change in Genres will be visible. The automatic refresh of the album view does not work properly.

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Hi @Jan_Willem !
Thanks for the feedback.
I could reproduce this issue on my end and I have already passed it to our developers.


I can’t reproduce this anymore with B1237 on iPad but my MacBook, which was the original repro device, is currently not available and I can’t confirm it there, and back then I didn’t test this on the iPad

Solved (MacOS)

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