B1228 Tags on artists missing [resolved B1237]

Same for all other of my artist tags but the focus on the tags still works, so is again just a display issue.

Tags on albums get displayed.

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Should Roon not fix this? :slight_smile: The custom genres are also missing again in B1228, at least newly added ones, see the other thread, i.e. reappearance of the recently fixed issue. Seems to me that this is another issue probably caused by the upcoming artist and genre translation feature.

Ditto on the custom genres missing again.

Hi, @Suedkiez, thank you for the report. @oleksandr will try to reproduce this issue locally.


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Hi @Suedkiez !

I could reproduce the issue with missing tags on my end and I have already passed it to our developers.

Regarding missing custom genres could you please provide additional information?
Which devices are affected? Are custom genres missing on the Artist details or Album details?
Also, a screenshot would be appreciated.


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@orgel mentioned the missing genres but I saw them missing as well (macOS control app). Can send screenshot later if necessary but IIRC it’s just newly added custom genres (not preexisting ones) and just a screen refresh issue, so if you add a genre and then go somewhere else and back to the album, they appear (unless @orgel saw something else). See this thread by @Jan_Willem:

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It’s the same for me as in the other thread that you already acknowledged, new custom genres are not visible on the Artist and Album page until you refresh the page. I tried with macOS

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I can’t reproduce this anymore with B1237 on iPad but my MacBook, which was the original repro device, is currently not available and I can’t confirm it there