B1268 Roon app has a little red dot

Up in the top left corner, over the three little lines.

I assume it’s a notification of some kind, but none of the items in the list have any indication of where it might be.

MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, ARC?

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Ah, yes, that might help. It’s on my iPhone so iOS. :slight_smile:

No red dot visible here (iOS too)

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This is what I’m seeing…

The only thing I can think of is an alert or something like that in the underlying menu. Is there anything special to see that could relate to that red dot?

Well no, that’s the reason for my post. It doesn’t appear to relate to anything.

It’s presumably something silly that I’m missing, it usually is. :grin:

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Ive had it in the past due to backup failing or metadata improver failing.

Ah - so it’s like the red warning triangle icon that we would see on a full Roon interface on a PC/Mac or Tablet?

There’s a thought - @Snowdog, can you look at Roon running on one of these devices and see if the warning icon is present? If so, click it, and you’ll get more information as to the cause of the warning…

There’s no sign of anything on the main core. I restarted the iOS app & the dot is still there. It doesn’t seem to be affecting anything. Everything seems to be working pretty well Roon-wise at the moment. (Well, except for ARC, but that’s another story.)

I think that is a notification indicator. Try setting the side menu to always be open and then click/hover over the dot to see if it presents more information (an a PC).

I only have the dot on the app on my iPhone, so I can’t really do that.

Totally off-topic but your screenshot contains a very small piece of an album cover, which I’m pretty sure I own as well. I’ve been wondering (intermittently) all day which one it is :thinking:.

Maybe you want to play quizmaster and give the solution. :joy: :nerd_face: :pray:

I’ll give your clue… It isn’t D-Z. :slight_smile:


I get insane (the rest of my household too), I really have to go to bed now, don’t want to have a sleepless night, be merciful and release me from my suffering. :sos:

“ As easy as 1,2,3…….”


I’d hate for you to have a sleepless night! It’s ABC. :rofl:


Aahhhhh, that one! Thank you and good luck with your red dot :joy: :+1:

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Sorry, I feel bad leaving people to stew like that. I’m not much of a wind up merchant, I’m afraid.

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I’ve had that red dot appear in the past and I think it was warning me that I didn’t have regular backups scheduled. You can check under your settings.