B1273 Discover broken

I Am having an issue with the lastest early access build, my discover stop working.

Any info on how to get it to work again?

The early access build is running on all devices and the server is running on a Synology DS3615xs.


Hi Ricardo,

When you say Discover, I presume you are referring to this, correct?

Have you tried to restart your core and remotes?


Restoring an old backup did not resolve the issue, at least on the latest build 1273.

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After making everything the same version I also am having this issue as well as others.

The icons here no longer work until you play the station then they appear if you have a display setup but not on the remote. It is a nice peach color always, maybe salmon?

My playlist are feeling out their white period as well.

I still need to reboot my core daily to get my listening stats back.

All of my local playback devices on my pc are unlisted not even able to enable anymore…

I’m unsure how to be more of a help than a complain/whine so please let me know what information or acts I may offer to help.
Thank you.

My issue is when I go in to the discover tab, nothing happens it stays in a loading stage indefinitely.

My Roon server restarts every day so I Am not having icon behavior that I noticed.

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FWIW discover works for me every time I try. (Although I do have the play stats being zero issue). Android phone, iPad, macOS, with ROCK