B129 ARC - Android Auto feedback

It works “out of the box”, visible in Android Auto, plays fine all you will find.

But there is a problem with searching at least in the offline mode or just without Core connectivity:

  • no Albums, Artists etc. are being listed
  • the only way to find your downloaded content is in Downloads
  • albums in Downloads seem to be listed in random order.

But anyway that’s a great step forward !!! :slight_smile:

Aren’t the albums in download listed in the order you downloaded them? Most recently added at the head of the list. Does the order on Android Auto differ from the order in Arc itself?

I may check later if the order is the same. But even if that’s the case, this order doesn’t make any sense for me today.

I downloaded a few hundreds of albums a few weeks ago. Order of downloading was more or less random (and influenced by download errors, app crashes etc.). I don’t remember (and don’t want to remember) this order.

Today browsing through those albums is quite inconvenient.

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ARC doesn’t show up in the list of apps to be enabled.

Do you have the proper build installed?
In my case it was automatically enabled just after yesterday’s update from Play Store.

Yes I do. I think it’s my head unit. I’ve tried two different phones with the latest build.


Albums in downloaded should be displayed in order of download requested. Most recently requested goes on top. Is that not the case? Or if you don’t find this order useful, what would you prefer?

Regarding missing albums/artists, do other things load? What are your connection circumstances? Do other apps seem to be behaving?

ARC does not show up in my list of Android Auto . Yes, it is on B129. Yes, I’ve uninstalled and reinstall Android Auto.

Note 10+, running Android 12

Roon ARC on AA with Samsung Galaxy 8+ on LOS19.1 and GAPPS works ootb, but: the volume of the car stereo is lower with Roon ARC compared to Qobuz app.

Is it possible to boost the default volume output of the usb connection?

Mine is on a UK VW golf standard mib2 head unit 2018.

Did not show up on my Android Auto. Pixel 6 with Android 13 updated Jan 5. Vehicle is a 2022 Ford Sport Bronco. Arc build 129. Oher apps do appear on Android Auto, including Black Player and BBC Sounds.

I’m driving a Dodge Challenger GT

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Of course you are. :skull:

Hi Michael,

As I wrote I observed those problems being offline (in the offline mode or just without connection - I don’t see any differences between those two states).

Today the behavior was slightly different:

  • once or twice in the beginning Album list was not retrieved
  • then the Album list - slowly - was being retrieved
  • Artists list was also slowly but appearing
  • on the Albums list there is no distinction between downloaded and other albums - when you have luck and select downloaded its content is being displayed; otherwise you get the forever the loading animation
  • from the Artists list you can display only those that have non-empty content in ARC on your mobile; for others you get constant loading

As I also wrote above I don’t remember the order in which I downloaded albums several weeks ago. Maybe Downloads use that order but I have no way to verify that.

I believe the best option would be to see in Downloads two options: Artists & Albums and then have two lists in alphabetical order.
If not, alphabetical order of long list of downloaded albums would be still more convenient.

Two other remarks:

  1. Home tab (with recent albums) is visible only when ARC is connected to Core. It would super useful also in the offline mode

  2. No graphics for Artists, Albums, Playlists are being displayed on car display - neither in online nor offline mode. But they are visible in ARC on mobile phone.

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Edit: I wrote the below without noticing that we are talking about Android Auto, so it is written from the perspective of the regular ARC app. (I don’t have a car to check). Not deleting the following musings in case it’s the same in Auto and might be helpful

I am not @Piotr_Pekala but if I may, because I once had the same wish as well: When viewing the Downloads folder, one may think that it would be nice to be able to view the downloads by the same sort options like Albums, by artist, by album name, etc.

However, this is in fact already possible in My Albums, by selecting the “show downloads” icon top left. Then it shows only the downloads and one can of course use the already existing sort options provided by My Albums.

It just may not be obvious at first to everyone, therefore causing the wish to be able to sort in Downloads.


I couldn’t find that option on car display.
That’s available on the mobile phone and is perfectly fine here. If something similar was available on the car display, that would be great also.

I just edited the above while you wrote, because I had been confused. I hadn’t noticed that we are talking about Android Auto! Sorry!

It probably would be nice if the same was available in Auto, just like in regular ARC that I was writing about

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ARC Android Auto is shaping up! Shows up in list of apps - now I did enable developer tools from before but I disabled the developer options and still remains present in the app list. I would suggest that anyone who cannot find it - to look for it on your phone as well. Go to settings on your phone - search settings - and search for Android Auto. Go into the AA settings and under ‘customize launcher’ - look for it there and make sure you have it selected to display.

Back to B129. Main menu with ‘Recently Played’ now displays. Under library, albums and artists and playlists all populate. I’m running completely local with >10k albums and the list populated with no noted delay. I like the A-Z fast select. Selecting ‘queue’ from the ‘now playing’ screen is snappy as well. Definitely at the usable stage!

Now for suggestions. 1. Please allow ‘recently added’ to the main screen. It doesn’t have to be a button - just include a small list above or below ‘recently played’. 2. In the album list - would love to have some way to see which version of the album I’m selecting. It’s THE reason I love Roon - have options of versions. 3. This is an ARC general suggestion - look forward to a way to view my bookmarks.

So far so good. Snappy and sounds great. I’m running Android 13 on a Pixel 7 pro.

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The first thing I did, it is not there. Nor, if you look up thread, for Ged who posted pics of his Customize Launcher showing it’s absence.

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Have you enabled developer tools for Android Auto? This could be the culprit.

On Android Auto’s options page, scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see a field called Version . Tap this several times until you see a prompt to enable developer options. Accept this and you’ll now be able to access Android Auto developer mode.