B129 The ARC diaries - Crashing and connection issues [Investigating]

Okay, so basically, for whatever reason (& that means possibly something I’ve done) ARC has gone to ■■■■■

Someone will have received about 10 or 15 crash reports from me on Thursday evening. Going up to London in the evening was a mare. It seemed to behave itself on the way home that evening. No idea why.

Right now, I’m sitting in my living room on the same network as my Roon core. Roon is working perfectly but ARC is telling me it cannot see the Roon core.

W T F ???

What am I doing wrong?

If I go to the Roon settings & go to ARC it’s just spinning with the word “testing” but I have done nothing since being unable to use it on the way to London on Thursday & having no problems on the way home from London that evening.

Seriously, guys. What the actual??? Does it work or doesn’t it? Because frankly I have better things to do with my time.

Can someone please help me troubleshoot this?

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In addition to the above, ARC is saying “core last seen 2 days ago” which is accurate since it was Thursday when I was last using it, but I am on line now. Why can’t it see the core now???

Does anyone remember the good old days where you could press play and sound came out?

Ah… Good times.

Short of a reboot of everything you are probably going to have to wait to see what the Roon boffins have to say next week.
Unfortunately there have now been a few reports of it spinning and saying testing.
Which is new complaint to my knowledge over the last day or so.

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Thanks. I tend to assume that I am a new addition the “dumber & dumber & dumber” franchise, but it would be nice to think it isn’t always me!

Being two metres from my Roon core & having the app tell me it cannot connect is beyond infuriating, especially as it was working Thursday & isn’t now, despite nothing having changed.

In some other earlyaccess thread there was talk about a server-side issue, so maybe it’s that. And @Snowdog you didn’t maybe restore a backup on the core? Because that leads to “can’t see core” on wifi as well as cell, known issue


Nope, I’ve done nothing like that.

It was working fine on the way home Thursday evening. It isn’t now. Go figure.

OK just wanted to check because that happened to me twice and there is a ticket for it.

Maybe your current experience is simply due to this:

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I’ve been using Roon ARC all day, away from home, to save my hotspot data for my laptop. A while ago, it just stopped working. My Nucleus is on-line with no issues at home. So, back to Apple Music for a while. Apple Music ALWAYS WORKS.

Hi All, sorry for the frustrating experiences here. We’ve been having issues with the back end system which handles core connections. We’re actively working on a fix as soon as possible. Will keep everyone posted as news comes in.

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