B1297 Duplicate genres in search results (ref#2C5ESP) [Ticket In]

Affected Product


Roon Core Platform

Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK)

Roon Core Specifications

NUC10i5FNH, 16 GB RAM, 4TB internal SSD, OS Version 1.0 (build 258) production, Server Version 2.0 (build 1297) earlyaccess

Connected Audio Devices

Naim NDX-2, RAAT

Home Network Details

Core on Ethernet to Fritzbox 6690 Cable, unmanaged switch

Roon Issue Category

Interface & Usability

Description of Issue

I search for the Genre “Cuban Traditions” or, apparently, any other genre. The search result shows the genre twice with different pictures, but clicking on either shows that it is actually the same genre with the same albums in it and the same main picture


And after going to “More” for these results, all matching genres are duplicated. E.g., for “international”:

@kevin Feedback for the submission form:

  • There’s a lot of questions and it would be nice if the system details could be saved in the account.
  • There should be an option to add more than one screenshot.
  • I’d like to be able to copy-paste screenshots like in a regular forum post. Having to save each one, adding them, and then having to delete them is a bit of an annoying workflow. (Though bearable if the form is limited to one screenshot :wink: )
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Same here (Core on Mac Studio)

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Hello @Suedkiez !

Thanks for reporting this issue!

I could reproduce it on my end and I have already created a ticket for our developers.


Fixed for me (B1302), thank you!

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