B1302 Core's audio device listed under "This PC" instead of local devices

Setup: Roon Core on CentOS Linux; Windows Roon as Remote running in a Wine bottle on Ubuntu (no firewall).


I see the audio device from the Core listed under “This PC” too.

“This PC” has no onboard HDA Intel PCH at all! It can also not be enabled (hangs on Enabling...).
I’m ignoring the doubling of the device for now, as I see the same on Production and it may be related to running under Wine, until someone else reports seeing the same under native Windows too.

What did I expect? The same audio devices listed as listed by the Production version running under the same conditions and on the same machine (but connected to my Production server running on my QNAP NAS).


So did something change recently about audio device detection?
Is someone with Early-Access on native Windows seeing issues with local audio devices too?