B1302 macOS: Cannot use Tab key in date editing for a multi-selection of tracks or albums [Ticket in]

Reproduction on macOS, B1302:

  1. Go to an album
  2. Multi-select several tracks
  3. Go to (…) button > Edit Tracks
  4. Go to a date field like recording dates
  5. Click into year field and enter a year. (Or don’t enter anything, just click into it, this leads to the same result)
  6. Press Tab key to jump to next field, months
    → This does not work, Tab does apparently nothing. This is annoying when editing because you need to reach for mouse/trackpad every time to switch fields.
    Note: The same issue happens when editing a mult-selection of albums instead of a multi-selection of tracks
    Note: Tab works as expected when editing a single album or a single track. It seems that it fails with multi-selections

@andrew.v Thanks for opening a ticket for this. Another related thing if I may:

Even where it currently works, Tab just moves the entry cursor between fields of the same item. E.g., within the Recording Date Begin from years to months to days. However, then it stops and you have to click in order to continue in Recording Date End.

It would be so much smoother if one could tab through all related fields, e.g. through all recording date fields from begin to end. Similar wherever else there are several entry fields in close proximity even though they belong to different metadata types.

My personal preference would even be the ability to tab through the whole edit dialog from start to finish and edit as I go without taking my fingers off the keyboard, auto scrolling the dialog as necessary. But I realize that due to different entry types (fields, menus etc) this may not be so easy to implement sensibly.