B1310 is live for me - release notes?

Not to get on Roon’s nerve, but FYI I got an update for ROCK, macOS, Android to B1310. Being brave or stupid as usual, I accepted the update and all good. (There was a short database update)

As there are no release notes and considering the recent spurious ROCK update prompt for some people in EA, I thought you might want to know :slight_smile:

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Same boat as you are in :slight_smile:

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Just popped up:

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Thanks the heads up sir :slight_smile:

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Seamless update for me on three Roon servers. I clicked “Update All” which I normally don’t do. Roon updated Roon Nucleus, Mac Mini (late 2014), and Dell XPS 15 servers as well as iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad Mini 6, and iPad 8th Gen clients. All is good.

Great work Roon guys and gals.

EDIT: Slight correction. I thought “Update All” updated all three servers, but I was wrong. I had to tell Roon to use my Dell as a server and I had to update my Mac Mini separately. All is still good with no issues.

All is good away from home using Dell XPS 15 server also. This is with 3 IOS devices using Verizon data with Speedify.

EDIT: I just tested this on my Dell running as Roon server only, not client, and everything works as expected.

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