B132 ARC "Genres" blank [Resolved]

I hardly ever browse the ‘Genres’ section in ARC, so I don’t know if it’s a build 132 issue or it’s earlier, but whichever genre you select

the result is a blank screen

I’m connected to the core, of course

I can verify this, on iPhone 13 Pro. I’ve never delved into genres before, on ARC, so as with @Daniele_Piancastelli I have no idea how long this has been an issue.


Thanks, @Daniele_Piancastelli, @Michael_Curtis, we will take a look as soon as possible.


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Also have this issue on android :frowning:

Same with me on Android 12 (Galaxy S10)

When I tap on any genre I just get this ugly grey screen.

Applies to any genre, doesn’t matter where I try to get to the genre from (homepage or from the album view).

B139 fixed this