B1362 Streaming Tidal max suddenly indicates processing speed after some time

I randomly see when streaming Tidal Max that I get processing speed (I see no reason for this, no processing should be done according to signal path).

Got the same on Roon Remote on iOS.

Starts like this (notice that I have no processing speed indicated here, since it is pure streaming, signal path equal to the one above with processing speed):

Hi @Tor_Gunnar_Berland,

Roon is always processing the audio data, even when the signal path is bit perfect and no DSP operations are enabled.

The figure relates to how much faster than realtime (1) Roon can get the data from the source and have it ready to stream to the DAC.

In this case when Roon first starts streaming the figure is over 100 (and hidden from the user) then later for some reason it drops to 64 and becomes visible.

What Roon is doing is not changing but I’m wondering if the CPU is get hot after a period running and being throttled.

What device is Roon Server running on?
If it has fans and filters I wonder if they need a clean out.

See if local Hi-Res files and Qobuz Hi-Res (if you have) shows the same.

It doesn’t, hence why I reported this.

ROCK on NUC8i7, do not see this on Qobuz or local files (24bit/96kHz).

Ok, that’s significant… it suggests that Roon is using more CPU now playing from Tidal.

Let’s tag @vova for comment.

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Thank you for the report, @Carl and @Tor_Gunnar_Berland. I’m going to circle back to the team regarding this case.