B1417 airplay to Naim Mu-so 1st generation

Hello @Ivan

Just had another go at Airplay to mu-so 50 minutes ago or so, with similar behaviour as before. Uploaded the logs in file 20240523_1312_ToneDeaf_Ozzie_Rock_Server_Logs.zip

In RoonServer_log.txt:

(Incidents from yesterday evening can be found in RoonServer_log.01.txt from ca timestamp 05/22 19:55, and at start of this log)

Incidents from half an hour ago just now from timestamp 05/23 12:06:00 or thereabouts: I cleared queue and attempted playback with tracks from e.g. Album Swaken by Bab L’ Bluz, first track ‘Imazighen’ and subsequently 10cc’s Deceptive Bends, with first track ‘Good Morning Judge’

  • first 3? times resulting in no playback / sound as before. After 5 seconds return to paused mode.
  • 4th? attempt successful, playback at normal volume. pause and restart play worked.
  • After grabbing and uploading the logs I tried to continue play, resulting in three or four failures as above before successful playback (at volume level as set, this time)
  • Response to play / pause actions appears slow / sluggish at best, when successful, but maybe verbose logging plays a role.