B1417 and previous. Why are tracks becoming unidentified?

As per the title: All, bar three of the albums shown, had covers and I think they were all imported by me, if not then most of them were. I am not sure how long this has been happening but it is getting worse.
Most of the albums/tracks are “unidentified” but did have album covers.

Why is Roon deleting them? And why is it splitting out individual artists from albums? What can be done about it as this really is a PITA.

EDIT: I’ve tried running “Re-Identify” on couple of the “split out” tracks and it has sorted them out but I am not going to run through all of them until I hear from the Roon Team.

Hi Roon Team,

Can someone please have a look at this: Disappearing Album Covers

This is happening with every new build. I have to re-scan the tracks for them to be identified correctly but then others tracks in my library become unidentified.

These albums are all old CD rips from iTunes and most of them I have scanned in the covers myself.

I’ve had a similar problem with unidentified tracks usually just one from an album.
As to the artwork it seems to work if the artwork is called Cover.jpg, I had some that had folder as the name that messed up track recognition.
Most of the issues I’ve had have been with compilation
Albums .
The unidentified tracks baffles me I’ve retranscoded some albums but it still does it.
If anyone has any suggestions I would also be grateful.

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Same here, if not all of them.

It’s happening again with B1425, this time two album would not “identify” with re-scan and I had to re-identify.

Something I have just tried is going to the tracks not recognised with the album, going to edit, scrolling down to your files, rescan album, seems to work now. I’m sure previously it didn’t .

Hi, @oneofmany, sorry for the delayed response. Am i getting it right that after each update/RoonServer restart you are getting more unidentified album in your library which were identified properly before?

Could you, please, do the following:

  1. Locate your Database, here’s an instruction how it can be done – link
  2. Zip your database folder
  3. Upload it here



Hi @ivan

Yes that is correct but it has only happened after an update to a new build.

It appears to happen to compilation albums that I have ripped from CD and added my own covers to.

Please bear in mind that the first three albums in my screen grab are always unidentified and do not have covers.

I have uploaded my database as requested but currently everything that should be identified is okay.