B1423 Airplay 2 feedback

Will check later today. As I suspect more users utilize Sonos for music listening than Apple TV would hope that the primary focus on fixing regressions addresses the most commonly used Air Play endpoints. Sonos/Airplay was working well just a few days ago, so I’m hoping that restoring that functionality won’t take long. Thanks for all of your efforts – the team is working hard.

No Airplay 2 streaming to any Sonos device (One SL, Era 100, Port, or Amp).

Will not initiate stream to any of them.

I have to correct something from my post in the previous B1422 feedback thread. I wrote there that the Apple TV was not working and that I could not enter the code shown by the ATV. However, from other posts I have since gathered that I have to disable and reenable the ATV output in Roon, and indeed then I could enter the code and B1422 worked with the ATV. Sorry, I totally had not understood this. The first time I tried AirPlay was with B1414 and therefore this was the first time I enabled it. So entering the code came naturally. And it continued to just work with the subsequent builds, until it broke with 1419.

However, the Naim NDX-2 still did not work with B1422.

Onto B1423

This seems to have broken the Apple TV again. This time I knew to disable and re-enable the Apple TV in the Roon settings. So I did and I could enter the code in Roon, but playing fails after this.

The Naim NDX-2 still does not work via AirPlay.

Reminder: Things generally worked for me with the first AirPlay 2 build 1414, got better with B1415, and broke with B1419.

Confirmed Sonos still not working.

apple tv - playback fails to start, roon immediately returns to idle state … after initial code entry, does not ask for code again on later playback attempts

m1 mac mini - does not ask for code, but asks to accept/decline when playback starts (and after some idle time, will ask again) … playback works if there’s a single connected network interface … no sound if both ethernet and wifi are connected

wiim pro plus - playback fails to start, roon quickly returns to idle state

ropieee with shairport-sync in airplay1 mode - playback works

pi devices with shairport-sync in airplay2 mode - playback works

multi device sync - between all working devices listed above (shairport-sync, mac), sync is good … will continue to monitor since this changed over time for some devices in earlier release