B1425 AirPlay2 feedback

:white_check_mark: apple tv - works :slight_smile:

:white_check_mark: / :x: m1 mac mini - no change, still asks to decline/accept to start playback (and asks again after some idle time) … no sound if both ethernet and wifi connections are present … works with single network interface connected

:white_check_mark: shairport-sync both airplay1 and 2 modes - works

:white_check_mark: / :x: wiim pro plus - works … BUT, again playing out of sync with other airplay devices

:white_check_mark: other than the wiim, sync between devices is still good

It seems all sorted now, AppleTV 4Ks are working :white_check_mark:, both LG and Samsung TVs using native AirPlay 2 are working :white_check_mark:, and all HomePod minis are working. :white_check_mark:

Sonos is working fine. Thx again for the quick turnaround. Enjoy a well-earned weekend.

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Apple TV works again, no display of code anymore and hence to disable/enable the ATV in Roon settings :white_check_mark:

Naim NDX-2 works :white_check_mark:

Handover to different zone works nearly between all zones :white_check_mark: except from the NDX-2 RAAT zone to its AirPlay zone. The remote is in playing state but no sound :no_entry_sign: (Just like before the breakage)

Grouping works :white_check_mark: but ATV and NDX-2 are not precisely in sync. Maybe 0.2 sec off or something like that.

All Sonos devices working great, both alone, handing off, and grouped (8 of them, including stereo pairs) Yamaha AVR Airplay stream also perfect.

Still testing here,but everything seems ok. Devices using airplay are Naim Muso QB 2 , couple of powered Yamaha speakers , and a Matrix Mini i-pro 3.

Apple TV: plays fine now :white_check_mark:

Sonos: there’s sound :white_check_mark:

Good work team!

Apple TV: plays fine now :white_check_mark:

Samsung Soundbar: plays fine now :white_check_mark:

My-So gen 1 still inoperative. KEF LS50 wireless still inoperative :joy:

Just a quick update. My original KEF LSX work with KEF Stream with Roon :white_check_mark:, but AirPlay 2 does not work :x:. The AirPlay behavior is similar to past issues. The Play button is available, but selecting Play does not progress the play time, nothing happens and then it times out.

AirPlay 2 working on my LG 55” C2 through the AppleTV app but every time I want to use it I have to re-enable it as an audio device in Roon and input the passcode.

AirPlay 2 on the LG SQ80 Soundbar works great.

ATV 4K works but I only get sound to the TV speakers and it doesn’t output sound to the connected LG Soundbar. I couldn’t work out if this was a setting within the AppleTV but when I watch shows/movies from the ATV sound is always through the soundbar.

And as a side note, for the last couple of years my old Zeppelin Air wireless (30 pin iPod connector model) has been unusable with AirPlay, I’ve been using it connected by USB with a Raspberry Pi4 Model B running rooExtend but now the Zeppelin Air has reappeared in Roon as an audio endpoint and seems stable.

No idea what’s going on, but airplay still doesn’t work on any of my devices:

Apple TV 4K
Sonos roam (wireless)
Naim Uniti Atomi (wired)
Bluesound Pulse M (wireless)

It used to work fine with airplay 1 on these devices.

When I press play, it immediately goes back to ‘pause’.

The whole network is Unifi (UDM se, Switches, accesspoints).
Airplay works fine on all my other devices.

All working for me now.

3 x Apple TV :white_check_mark:
Stereo HomePods :white_check_mark:
Bluesound kit :white_check_mark:

Great work :raised_hands:t3:


@Anthony_Miles , @Robert_F we’ve released another build aiming to address issues with KEF, and Naim gear. Have you guys noticed any positive changes with build 1426?

Thanks for your feedback!

Both still broken with 1426

@vova I am traveling today and won’t be able to test until Friday evening. I will post an update and let you know what I experience.

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Yes I am using password with MuSo but not KEF. Away from home until Tuesday so will test without password and update.

Rgards AM

Apple TV and Soundbar continue to work well.

@vova, I just arrived home and tested 1426 with the LSX. The LSX stil do not play, but now the Play button does not dim, however there is no progress on the track time bar, and no music. KEF Streaming via Roon also works with no issues, only AirPlay 2 is the problem with the original LSX.

I checked my Samsung TV with AirPlay 2 built into it, and it played. However, my paired HomePod minis now play only in the left channel; I tested this with playing to the pair from Apple Music and they played in stereo, so there seems to be a regression here also.

I will update with more information on my other devices if something does not work correctly.

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Unfortunately I suspect that it’s super tricky for the Roon team to get all the feedback they need on the Airplay issue at this point. I found a release that finally worked for me again after all the previous regressions (B1417) and am too anxious about losing the functionality again to test - I can’t imagine I’m the only one in this position. Of course, this is EA, and I know what I signed up, for but the Airplay difficulties have been unique since EA was released in terms of the breadth of complications evident to end users.

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