B1431 AirPlay2 feedback

compared to prior release (1430), i’m not seeing any changes here with respect to compatibility mode

only change i see with this release, my mac mini had to be re-enabled and a new code entered before it showed as before in the list of audio devices

other than that, airplay still working well overall, with the same exceptions described previously (mac mini frequently asks to accept/decline and no sound when ethernet/wifi both connected … wiim pro plus out of sync with other airplay devices)

No change in Sonos status - all models Airplaying, grouping, transferring without any problems.

Encouraging start when using compatibility mode with my old Airplay 1 devices. Working for now, will see how things unfold as previous issues have sometimes been intermittent.

Airplay 2 is stable with HomePod mini and Homepod 2nd gen is not paired to current Apple TV. When homepods are paired to Apple TV the option to stream to the attached speakers is not stable in the fact that the sound quality and volume levels do not remained locked. Strangely the volume displayed on the ATV is all over the place as if someone is constantly altering the volume level with the ATV remote.