B1432: Is it me, or is Roon sounding a bit thin in the midrange

Ah but to claim that they would have to admit it was in some way ‘broken’ in the first place. All audio manufacturers usually ignore this issue when launching new kit. How do you explain improving ‘bit perfect’?
For the OP, nothing has changed but the build, so audio paths etc are identical.

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How do you play hi-res on AirPlay?


It’s just you!

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Yes, you know that AirPlay re-samples everything from Roon server including the hi-res files I play. Congratulations on stating your beliefs.

Quite a few off topic posts creeping in here.

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Agreed, and it’s getting a little heated (again!) … thus I’ve split out the “discussion” on power conditioners to its own topic, those interest can continue to discuss over there.