B149 ARC / B1218 Roon CarPlay now a terrible experience

B1218 ROCK Core on NUC10i3
ARC B149 on iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 16.3.1
Wireless CarPlay on Pioneer DMH-Z6350BT

ARC CarPlay was pretty flawless for me up until these last few releases, see here: B142/B1208 CarPlay Issues - #7 by oneofmany

But these same issues, albums not loading, wrong artwork in now playing, no artwork or not all of it loading on all screens keep plaguing me.

I thought I had cured the issues on Monday, as for the last week previously I’d gone back to using Tidal and given up on ARC but I wondered what would happen if I turned off the ARC CarPlay app on my iPhones CarPlay settings.

This seemed to cure the issue.
I went through the rigmarole of killing all apps on my iPhone, then I rebooted it whilst my car engine was turned off, then I started the engine, added the ARC CarPlay app back onto the Pioneer head unit from the settings on my iPhone and hey presto it was all working flawlessly again. At for 6 days until I got in my car this morning and once again all the same issues were back. I once again went through the rigmarole of the process outlined previously and it seems to be working again.

I’m in my car everyday and the first thing I do is put music on, ARC’s CarPlay experience, at least for, has become a terribly tiresome and frustrating user experience.

Am I the only one having these issues? Is it CarPlay OS, ARC’s CarPlay app or the Pioneer head unit firmware? I don’t know but please can someone from Roon look into it?

It’s literally driving me crazy :joy:

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I thought it was just me for whom CarPlay wasn’t working. Got a new car a few weeks ago and was happy to have ARC, but it wouldn’t play anything via the CarPlay interface. Thought it was maybe the car (Peugeot), but last week on holiday I got a different brand car and seeing the same issue.

Really hope that Roon will fix this soon!

Same here, when it was released it would work somehow.
every now and then I got it to work.
since a few weeks, it wouldn’t load at all anymore. Absolutely uselessness at the moment.

does any of you have a different experience? I use a state of the art alpine, it supports hifi, tidal connect without a problem, Apple Music at high end quality (wifi, like CD quality at least). Roon ARC is not responsive anymore with what ever I do, reinstall, wipe, I tried all I could find on the forum here.

The last two builds have been a lot better for me, I’m now running B173/B1254 and artwork appears to be loading properly on all screens and albums are now loading correctly.

It does seems to be a case of one step forward, two steps back with CarPlay functionality, so I’ll keep my :crossed_fingers:.