B150 ARC not working with USB DAC headphone adapter

I did not test the external USB DAC with my old phone since any errors would be to the flaky USB port. Now that I have a brand new shiny Galaxy S23 Ultra, plugging in the USB headphone adapter (aka little DAC), I get this above message.

Headphone Adapter works fine in all other applications including UAPP and does play up to 24/192 through that application. I will try with a second adapter I have and will report later.

Also, when the adapter is inserted and ARC active, it has crashed after that message with an Android notification that says “Application has a bug. Install a newer version.”.

Hi, @Rugby! Thank you for your post. Could you, please, specify the model of your adapter?



Hi Ivan!

The adapter which throws up the error message is this one.

I had not yet reported but testing the second adapter, I do get music playback but it is all distorted. That adapter is the official Samsung USB headphone adapter below:

SAMSUNG EE-UC10JUWEGUS USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter