B155 ARC "Broke" "Recently Played/Recently Added" [Ticket In]


I was loving that you all added a “Recently Added” next to the “Recently Played” section. But with ARC 155 it is only showing one album I added…prev it seemed to show what I had added going back at least 1-2 wks. Did something changed that is only going back say 2-3 days on the Recently Added? At least 1-2 wks should be the norm since “new music Friday” comes once per week and it is great to have that option to play some albums I added from the week prior but hadn’t gotten to play yet.
Similarly, the “Recently Played” is also MUCH shorter than before–today showing 4 albums (again prob just last 48 hrs?) whereas before it would show albums going back several weeks that had been played. Can this be fixed?

Similar issue here on Android; app on iPadOS seems ok.

Evidently buggy, but it works ok if you reset ARC. Think twice before you do though - all tracks downloaded by ARC to that device will be deleted.

Hi Andy,

Yep, the reset fixed it (and I did lose the downloaded music but didn’t have much on there thanks to finally good wifi at work!)…though now it looks like the Roon Team already fixed it w/an update! Thanks to all for noticing/helping/fixing!


So I see… that was quick!

This was reported earlier in the week, see here: B1226/B155 I only have 3 recently played albums [Ticket in]

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