B159 ARC AA issues [Investigating]

This latest release has practically broken the app. Immediately after upgrading the app it stopped working with AA. I forced it to stop, I cleared the cache (which created other issues), I restarted the phone, I connected it to the Roon core and made sure the cache got refilled.

The issues persist before and after the actions taken above:

  1. Downloaded albums don’t load. It either fails to load the albums or it loads them, but the songs fail to playback.

  2. Very slow. For downloaded albums it takes a long time to load songs. It says “Getting your selection” or something like that, before it loads the already downloaded album. Trying to trigger the playback from the phone doesn’t help either.

When it doesn’t hang ik Getting your selection, that is.

  1. Still issues with the album art

As of right now, it’s practically unusable, it’s a gamble whether it will work or not. Last time I had to do a lot of restarts of both the app and the phone to get it to work.

I understand this is early release (alpha/beta) software, but it kind of defeats its purpose when the software doesn’t work at all. One thing is to put up with bugs, but the software ahould at least work.

Do you guys have a Git repository or some other way to report bugs and provide debug info that could help you to more effectively solve issues? It seems you’re very short on resources and bugs are being painfully slowly addressed, so I’d be happy to help by providing concrete debug info and issue descriptions if that would help crash some bugs more quickly, at least so the app becomes usable.

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Hi! @Edvard, thank you for your report. Could you, please, provide the following information:

  • Are these problems related to downloaded albums affect Roon ARC when it’s not connected to Android Audio?
  • Could you, please, reproduce this issue once again and when it’s done post a timestamp of your local time that indicates when the test was performed? We are going to take a look at diagnostics report.

Sorry for the trouble.


Hi @ivan ,

Look, I took this video yesterday (watch it to the end), in it you can see the timestamp, 19:37 CET.

Regarding whether I see the issue disconnected from Android Auto, the answer is no. When I use the app in the phone, without being connected to Android Auto, it works well, except the album arts.

I’m running Android Auto version 9.0.630834.
I have an S22+ running Android 13, latest release (patch).
The car is running BMW iDrive 8 v. 11/2022.63

Thank you, @Edvard, we are going to take a look at diagnostics reports from the provided timestamp.


Just a quick update. I’m now running these sw versions:

AA: 9.1.631044
ARC: B161

And the issue persists, I cannot get ARC to work in AA. Last time I tried was this morning between 8:30 and 9 AM CET.