B247 - Android phone remote not showing Signal Path [shows on Now Playing. Explained]

On my Samsung Note3 I do not have the little dot that brings up Signal Path. I normally use a 7" Tab which has the full remote install. Here I can see and access everything.
I stream to a Devialet 250Pro. On the Note3 I can not see volume dB feedback from the amp. As the Signal Path popup is missing I can’t see balance & bass/treble either.

And lastly, the image (drawing) shown for Devialet “Expert” is only correct for 120/200/400 Expert - 130/220/440 Pro. The D-Premier/250/800 Expert - 250/1000 Pro and the OdA look different. In addition 400, 800, 440, 1000 and OdA are dual mono two box designs.
The most important is of course that streaming to these units works so well, but it would be nice to have correct graphics.

It should be on the Now Playing screen – are you not seeing it there?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to detect the exact model over AIR, so Devialet provided that image to represent all their products.

You’re right. It’s there on Now Playing. The speaker icon in bottom right does not display the volume dB value, however.

I see. There is no model feedback over AIR. Let us hope Devialet adds this in the future then. Not a big deal anyway.

Thanks @mike

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