B399 lost column sorting in devices

Like the new selectors tho…anything else we should know about?

Oh and the network page seems to be broken too

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Hi Paul,

The last one is fixed in an update earlier tonight.

But the sorting… that works for me. What do you mean with ‘lost’? Are the handles gone in the columns or something like that?

Yes lost the little up/down triangles, same in B400, same in Safari and Chrome on MacOS

I wonder if you can put an auto refresh on the reload (/godown?reboot=1) page for maybe after 60/90 seconds to load the main page again

network page is good again :slight_smile:

@spockfish OK Harry 401 is back with sorting so that’s great…maybe the only thing missing is a default sort order…IP address works for me but Hostname would be OK too I guess…I can’t see any sort that is obviously used right now.

The info expanders in Network are good, now can see both Wifi and Lan details, including the wifi interface details.

Is any chance of a reboot/shutdown (immediate) on the main page too? despite running in RAM I try to do a graceful shutdown when I can :slight_smile: