B67 ARC Multiple crashes today [Resolved with B75)

B67 of ARC is crashing frequently on iOS 16.1 and iPad OS 16 for me today. Almost any use of other apps in the OS, switching away from ARC to an app, switching back to ARC, just putting ARC in the background to get to the Home Screen, all of these have cause ARC to crash.

I haven’t rebooted any devices yet, or deleted and re-installed ARC, but I will try those things and see if the situation stabilizes.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen ARC crash this frequently since I joined the early access program around B25 or so!

I had my very first ARC crash today after B67 installed. It crashed on start of playback of a song

I had a much more stable experience after a reboot of the iPhone. I didn’t have a chance to get back on the iPad and see how things went there, but I’ll post when I do.

Thanks for flagging, pulling the crash reports now.

Had 2 more B67 crashes today on my iPhone 14 Pro Max. Just moving ARC into the background to open another app is causing it to crash.

Things were better yesterday after a reboot, but crashing again today.

Same here. Happened many times today while I was on a bike ride. In particular after I started it and then switched to another app, not closing it but simply switching back to my Home Screen on my iPhone.

Yep, that describes my crashes - putting ARC into the background to access another app is crashing B67.

I’m seeing the same here, B67 ARC on iPhone 14 Pro Max with iOS 16.0.1 - started playing an album and then a few seconds into the first track the music stopped and I got a crash report prompt. It seems to occur once I have locked the phone (I’m needing to drive) and placed it out of sight in the center console.

I upgraded to iOS 16.1 and initially at least ARC seems more stable but maybe that can be attributed to a reboot of the phone. I’m going to continue testing.

It looks like I’m experiencing the same crashes with 16.1

My issues have all been with 16.1. Things were ok for a bit after a reboot, but the crashes soon returned.

I think my issue described here: B67 Crashing when first starting ARC - #3 may be the same as this. My crashing is when I first get in the car and load up Arc and then switch to Waze and start navigation. I’m on Android 13. I thought it was because it was handing off from Wifi to cellular at my house but then it happened when I wasn’t home or near a Wifi network.

Hey All, can you please update to build 75 and let us know if the crashing has improved? Looking at crash reports they seem to be significantly less on this build.

Crashing has improved but I did experience two crashes today on Android.

No crashes for me today on iPad Pro running iPad OS 16. Haven’t had a chance to put it through it’s paces on the phone yet.

Seems stable for me on the iPhone as well, no crashes since the B75 update on wifi or cellular on iPad or iPhone with the current version of the OS (haven’t updated to 16.1.1 yet, but will soon).

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Yes, much more stable now. Thanks!

It’s definitely more stable now on Android as well. I did have a few crashes the other day but none since.