B67 Crashing when first starting ARC

I noticed a lot of reproducible crashing when first starting ARC. My use case is generally in the car. Many times I will start ARC outside of my house when my phone is just handing off from WiFi to Cellular. At this point I usually see ARC struggle and crash 1 - 2 times before I can finally get playback started. I’m hoping this has been addressed in Build 67 and I am looking forward to testing but I have definitely experienced stability issues with WiFi to cellular handoff in all prior builds. I have also seen it to a lesser extent in areas with weak cell reception where ARC will seem to crash in between songs when I may be going between cell towers where reception isn’t 100% perfect. I will then have to reopen ARC and carefully restart playback (I use my phone in a dash mount so I can keep the road in my field of view don’t worry!).

I had this happen on Build 67 today, it was handing off between WiFi and cellular when it crashed.

Hi, @mackid1993, thank you for the report. @andrew.v will take a look this. Am I getting it right that you are using an Android device?



Yes a Pixel 6 Pro running Android 13.

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I had two crashes when first staring Arc this morning around 9 am.
Edit: I was already on cellular though so I’m not sure if it was a handoff issue. I started playback went to open waze and playback never started. I then reopened the app which opened like it had crashed started playback which did start. Then I went back to waze and playback stopped and I had to restart Arc and start playback again.

This happens a lot to me.

Just had it happen again on cellular, no wifi. It was around 12:07 pm

I haven’t heard back from @andrew.v, any luck looking into these crashes?

I haven’t heard back about this… anyone have a chance to take a look?

Hello @mackid1993 !
Sorry for the late response.
I spent some time trying to reproduce the problem you described. Unfortunately, on my end, I can not reproduce the issue you are facing.
I`ll be watching your and similar cases in the future to solve the problem.
Thanks for your report!

No worries, I think it may have less to do with wifi/cellular handoff and more to do with starting Arc and then immediately going into another app such as Waze and starting GPS. I think there is another thread describing that problem. It happens when I first get in the car and my workflow is start music and then start GPS right after so maybe that is the same issue as the other thread.

So far so good with Build 75. I just went for a drive and it seemed super stable. Looking forward to playing with it more as the week goes on.


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