B75 ARC: Composition browser - unclear wording regarding number of recordings, missing number of recordings overall [Ticket in]

On ARC 1.0.4 Build 75, Android (earlyaccess, but I don’t think it’s an earlyaccess issue. I am not sure where we are supposed to post now that earlyaccess is public)

For instance, but you can check the same with all compositions for which several recordings exist and you have a subset in the library:

In regular Roon, go to the Bob Dylan album, Shadows in the Night. This is a cover album of classics, so every track is a composition with many recordings. The first track has 502 recordings in all, 5 in my library:

However, in ARC > Library > Composition, it says “5 recordings” for this composition. It does show the complete list when you scroll down:

It was at first not quite clear to me and I thought there was a discrepancy in “5 recordings” when there are 502. But now I realize that it means “5 recordings in library”, but this still does not seem obvious to me. IMHO it should say “5 recordings in library out of 502”, or something like this. (The number of recordings is visible in the track list of the regular remote, but not in the track list of ARC, so I don’t think there is another/better place in ARC where this number would be available)

Hi, @Suedkiez, thank you for the report. We have an open ticket for this issue, it’s with our dev team.



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