B75 Covers disappeared [Ticket In]

this morning all the covers of the downloaded albums (except 5 that I listened to between yesterday and today) have disappeared.
I’m currently in offline mode

I have disappearing art frequently as well but haven’t found a pattern that I noticed. Missing art is not new either and I don’t know if it’s always the same cause or is considered fixed

I believe there were several threads, this is from mine:

Although, it seemed that I always had the issue until recently, but now with B75 I can’t find missing covers anymore

To clarify: all my covers are scans and reside on the server in the album folder.
In previous builds i’ve never had any problems with this. Also, i guess as soon as i connect to the core they will come back again.
But i would expect downloaded albums to always be visible even offline

My covers on local files are embedded, but I couldn’t see a difference between local and streaming, IIRC they both occasionally turned into grey placeholders

Albums also showed placeholders sometimes when ARC was online. Though at the moment with B75 and being online, the covers are all there

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Hey everyone,

We have a ticket investigating cached artwork during no connectivity situations, although we’ll eventually be making some major overhauls in artwork handling.

For now, I don’t expect this has been entirely resolved, so I’m curious if you continue to see issues with grey placeholders for artwork during Offline Mode playback.