B81 ARC downloads much slower to start than before iOS

Trying to download any content on B81 they just don’t start for a very long time.

Are they finally faster after they get going? :slight_smile:

Nope. Same old snails pace.

This needs fixing :slight_smile:

Queued up 5 it’s just sat there doing nothing at all. This download stuff is getting worse not better.

I just started a download on about 3000 tracks and Arc is having a performance meltdown. Choppy frame rate, animation glitches etc.

On gigabit internet I can download call of duty (hundreds of gigabytes) in the time it takes Arc to download around 20 albums (most of which are 44.1).

This is on android. Not an iOS specific issue for me.

Yeah, I’m using iOS ARC (iPhone 12, b81). Local network on WiFi, very fast speeds for file transfers on local WLAN, but also over internet. Arc album downloads are a fraction. Noticeably slow. If there isn’t any conversion going on, why is it slow? Suppose it doesn’t matter why, it shouldn’t be so.

It is very slow. For me the download status did not even start. I gave up after 5 mins or so. An hour later I returned to the screen and none of the 4 albums I had added to the download queue showed that they had been downloaded yet. I then navigated to the Home Screen and back to Downloads and found that 3 albums now show as having completed downloads and the 4th was in process (at a very slow pace — i.e. imperceptible progress).

Mine is doing something it did in versions before it was released. If you navigate away and then back it says downloads are compete but are not no tracks present. This whole download thing is a huge mess really and just gives frustration. Bad feedback, slow speeds consistently, phone overheats, arc slows down, leave arc or navigate away from downloads it appears to stop so no background downloading when app is not in forground. This isn’t a good experience at all and really should be top priority to fix as its part of the core feature set.


Agree that downloading is much slower, plus there is a further issue I have noted. I have a “favourites” playlist that is made up of tracks from my existing library plus some I have transferred to library from Qobuz. When I start downloading this playlist to ARC I get this “pop up”

This I can understand, as these 17 are Qobuz tracks. I then tap on the blue “View unavailable tracks” and a further “pop up” appears:

but nothing appears on the pop up screen? Is this a bug I ask?

Thank you, we’re aware and actively working on resolving this ASAP.

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