B81 ARC Something to download shows only a few albums

The new find something to download only shows a 20 albums for me to download and also includes albums already downloaded. I have 810 flac albums why can’t I see them all?

Your phone is not long enough. :rofl:

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From release notes:

Merge? :slight_smile:

Stuck at 20 for me nothings changed at all in ages, also why show what I have downloaded already.

Super useful to see what I’ve downloaded already, in case where I’m somewhere were I can only listen to downloaded content, so the rest of my library is irrelevant.

I know what I have downloaded already it’s in the downloads section you in. Downloads also not initiating in this build at all after I chose some from the limited list available.

Ah sorry.

You are saying “I don’t want to see any of the albums I’ve already downloaded in the list of things that I might want to download”. I was saying “I want to see the list of things I’ve already downloaded so I can play them”, and I thought you meant “take away the separate list of things I’ve downloaded” but that’s not what you meant. Pls ignore above.

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They have now started to populate so I guess this is just a quirk of the process initially that I didn’t see when reading release notes.