B84 ARC incorrectly believes it has downloaded albums


In a few cases, I’ve gotten into a state where ARC says it has downloaded an album, but has not. It has the purple check mark, appears to be fully downloaded, but when I go to offline mode it both has the purple check mark on the album and all the tracks, but is listed as unavailable. Here’s an example, just happened at 10:22 am ET.

Not sure if it’s related to this one:

Or this one:

Ok, I’ve recreated this with a different album this morning. This time while traveling (hotel Wi-Fi).

What happens is that the album I selected for download shows the purple check mark, but when I play it the signal path shows that it’s streaming from my core. For whatever reason it always seems to be the first album in “my downloads”. And there are other albums that are yet to be downloaded below it in the download queue.

What I can’t say is what triggers the behavior. It’s happened twice. And I’ve downloaded a lot of albums.

I probably download more frequently than the average person because I switch cores between homes and hence have to reset / wipe my downloads each time. That’s not to say that I think it’s causal or related, just that I may have more “shots on goal”.