B918 Roon remote on iOS 15.4 crashes when scrolling in albums

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Description of Issue

When opening Roon Remote B918 on iOS (iPhone 11 Pro Max), enter albums, pick scrollbar to the right and scroll all the way to bottom, then scroll all the way to the top. Roon Remote app crashes and exits.

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It’s not just scrolling. Looks like 15.4 has some compatibility issues with this version. I have same behavior doing searches or just opening the app. Discouraging that Roon staff hasn’t acknowledged this behavior.

I also added a video in the initial post.

Hi Tor I just managed to reproduce this on my XS Max. It’s not consistent crash though at least for me.

Can you get it to do it every time?
Can’t get my iPad Pro to do it at all. Both updated to 15.4 this evening

Every time; i does seem to be connected to time your are scrolling… if I scroll really fast I can go all the way from top to bottom multiple times before it crashes.

Quite possibly so, I have only been able to crash mine a few times, but could well be a 15.4 issue.
Already had another crash elsewhere while trying to test this.

Watching your video made me realise how much smoother the scrolling is on my OnePlus 9 pro compared to my iPad and iphone.

Not true in my situation. I can just open the app and leave it at the Home Screen and it crashes sometimes as soon as 10sec. Only happens on my 15.4 device. The one with iOS 15.02 I haven’t updated is just fine.

No update for my iPad yet then😉

You can enter App store and find Roon Remote. This will give you the option to upgrade.

Sorry, my bad…
I mean I will NOT be updating the iOS version on my iPad to 15.4 just yet.

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FYI. Rolled back to iOS 15.3.1 and all is good.

Same as me, keep crashing after open the app for few seconds. Please fix asap, it can’t use.

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I can reproduce the crash when scrolling down and then up in albums, on my iPhone 13 Pro. The issue is also there on the artist screen on occasion.
I’d say I can make it happen four times out of five, with a library of around 50k tracks.


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Why is this pointing to Support / Nucleus Support ?
Core really not relevant here since problem is Roon Remote on iOS

Fixed for you

It seems to be fine on my iPhone 12Pro 15.4.

On my iPad 7th gen 15.4, it’s fine on the Album screen. But on the Artist screen, it scrolls down ok but crashes when scrolling back up.

Thanks for that - I’d not thought to try on iPad but the app my 10.5" Pro crashes the same way as it does on my iPhone.

iPhone 13 Pro 256GB iOS 15.4
iPad Pro 10.5" 256GB iOS 15.4


Still failing in B923.

Still a problem with B931

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