B94 Where is ARC download page? [Resolved]

I’m interested in trying the new feature ‘find downloads’ in the latest version of ARC.

It is stated that the user should go to the download page and click ‘Find something to download’.

Earlier you could click on the library icon and then select Downloads. But now that options doesn’t seem to exists anymore.

I’m on build 94 (iPhone) and I just can’t find the Download page anymore.

Has anyone else found how to do it?

Go to your library and click on downloads. Top of page.

I’ve added a picture in the original post showing how it looks like when I click on My Library icon. Does it look the same for you or do you have an extra row with Downloads?

I have Downloads at the bottom after Playlists. I’m on iPhone and Early Access. Try deleting your Roon ARC App and reinstall. Do you have any local files in Roon?

Ok I will try to delete the app and reinstall it. I’m also on Early Access.

The funny thing is that I have a few songs downloaded. And I can find them when I go to Playlist and sort on downloaded playlists.

Your misunderstanding the new feature. It is not to find what you have downloaded it’s to show you what files you can download. Downloaded albums show up in the downloads section. Or you can use the download focus feature. However there is a bug in ARC that it won’t focus on albums that have been downloaded that your local version is not the primary album. The tracks you say you downloaded was this individually or via a playlist? Was the playlist made in full Roon and is it pounding to your version of the files?

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You should see this:

No I don’t misunderstand the feature. Just as you say, I want to be able to find what I can download. That was the first request I had, when ARC was released. It was way too hard to find your local music.

I just pointed out that I can easily find already downloaded content. But I don’t find the download page. I found that strange.


Were you able to fix it with a reinstall? Did you install using Testflight since you are on Early Access?

This was a known bug where the downloads page wouldn’t show despite you having downloaded content. It should be resolved as of B98

@samoa could you update via testflight and lmk if this resolves itself?

Just to say I had this bug on the latest public release (NOT beta testing). I managed to get the button to show after pressing home, and then by ressing the downloads icon from there.

I have exactly the same behaviour here. No sign of any Down load Button or views. Ive tried deleting and reloading app on my iPhone 11Pro. No Joy. Any luck Samoa?
EDIT! OK , turns out my NUC had not automatically downloaded latest ROON Core despite having it set to do so automatically. I forced a check and sure enough now I have latest ARC and latest Core and the Download Icon has appeared. Now its working its a great feature.

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This should be resolved as of the latest ARC/core build. @Formula can you update and give it a fresh try?

My issue was in build 93, but as above it corrected itself.