Bach Is Stalking Me

Every time I venture into Discover there he is, at least three to four times, hands poised over his keyboard, waiting for me to click the link and listen to a suite for solo cello. It is becoming a bit unnerving now and I find myself quickly scrolling past his gaze to find something, anything, to listen to!

@support is this normal behaviour, taking into account that when I use Focus I have 5 ‘Classical’ albums out of 800?

Of those 5 one is related to Bach - Yo Yo Ma’s Inspired By Bach (The Cello Suites), which I have played, maybe, one time.

Does anyone else experience a ‘stalker’ from a genre that they generally do not listen to?


It is well known that listening to cello suites will make you live longer.


Anders, I fear that I have not lived long enough to be listening to cello suites yet!

Same here. Bach himself is about 10% of my Discover page, while classical is literally 0.2% of my library (6 of 3122 albums). It definitely improved when I favorited the 4,000+ songs I had rated highly in iTunes, but he’s still down there, just lurking… :slight_smile:


It’s like his ghost is haunting the roon discovery page.

According to focus I have one album with Bach compositions. 6 tracks of 13000, but he’s always there.


Just be grateful it’s JS and not PDQ …

You can unstick Radio from an album by banning it (toggle heart twice), not sure if that works for Discover or not.

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Aha! He lurks univited elsewhere too.


PDQ has piqued my interest…
Oedipus Tex and Other Choral Calamities
Pervertimento for Bagpipes, Bicycle and Balloons
He might replace JS!


In general, the dance music of P.D.Q. Bach, although we have no documentary evidence of this, suggests that one of his legs was shorter than the other.


Hilarious thread and comments :grin:

For me, he’s on every Discover page at least once - often twice. Staring at me… with such stern… indifference. Perhaps judging my music collection and trying to (not so) subtly influence my choices. Look man, I want to listen to something like Zu’s Codor Todo, not “O Mensch, bewein’ dein; Sunde gross, choral prelude for organ” or the musical offering:


Let’s flag @brian2 and see if he has some explanation for this incessant censorious glowering.

I’ve been told repetition in one view of Discover is by design…