Bach Matthäus-Passion La Petite Bande (2009)

The album is identified but St. Matthews Passion is not shown as one work. Each track is a separate work.

Hi @han,

Can you share some screenshots of this album for us?

Hi Dylan,

Here you go.

Thanks for the details, @han.

Our team looked into this and unfortunately it’s a bit of a complex issue. The good news, though, is that we have some ideas about how to improve cases like this already in the works. We can’t provide any specific timeframes here, but this type of issue should be resolved in the future with changes we are planning.

We appreciate the report!

Good to know it may be resolved in the future. Thanks for the update.

I assume the same may be the cause here:

The last part of Verklärte Nacht is shown as a separate work.