Back Button Behavior When Searching

Hope that this can be addressed as it really hurts the functionality of Roon with Tidal:

When searching through Tidal search results for an artist, albums scroll horizontally. For some artist there may be 100+ albums. You click on an album to see its details but when you hit the back button it goes back to the very first album on the very first page of results–meaning you then have to page through to get back to where you were in the search results.

Please have it “remember” where you were in the list of album results rather than always jumping back to the beginning of the list.

Thanks for listening.


Hello @support. What Ken reports occurs from most screens. In the Home view, after clicking More, if I click on an album to see its details when I go back to the previous view it positions itself at the very beginning, instead of the row where the album I clicked is.

This happening on Roon version 1.8, still.


This behavior is very aggravating. Pain in the potty to be reviewing an album 30 lines down only to have to scroll back down when finished. Please fix this

Hi, Gang,

Got an alert after you posted your comments. Hard to believe that my post above was from five years ago—or that this issue has still not been fixed.

While my original post references Tidal, it happens (intermittently) when scrolling through any artists albums. When it comes to an engineer or producer who has done hundreds of albums it sucks when clicking on say album # 199 to see the details, then having to start all over again from album #1.

C’mon Roon, can you please get this issue addressed?

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If there ever was a reason to leave Roon this would be it for me. This behavior is infuriating. I just sat down to surf through “New releases for you” and each and every time I have to scroll down and find where I left off.

With 1.8 we got new colors, mixed typefaces, analytics, etc…, yet somehow this “feature” hasn’t been taken into account for years. Would someone from Team Roon at least do us a favor and let us know when/if this is going to be resolved? This current functionality just takes the fun out of music discovery.

I just gave up surfing through new music. The experience is horrible. Seven rows down on a 32" monitor and I felt like I was involved in some sort of spatial recognition test.

I wonder if PS Audio will have this issue when they release the Octave Player.