"Back" button loses context when browsing albums

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

iMac 3GHz 6-Core Intel i5 BigSur 11.2.3. Roon version 1.8 9build 764) stable

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

1Gb Ethernet, TP-Link switch

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

MSB Premier with Ethernet Renderer

Description Of Issue

When I’m browsing albums in the Genres view (e.g., Jazz), click on a specific album to see its details, and then use the back button ("<") to get back to the albums level, the view resets to the first/top album in that genre. I believe the appropriate functionality should be to return to where I was before clicking on the album.

For genres with many albums, the current behavior (going back to the top) means that browsing requires painful re-scrolling back down to where I was previously. (And I think that in general, a back button should return to the previous view in all contexts).

This (mis)behavior is consistent across the desktop Roon app, as well as the iOS apps.

Interestingly, while the same back-button problem (reverting back to the first entry in the list) afflicts Playlists on iOS, the Mac Roon app correctly returns back to the right place in the list.


Same experience here, would be nice if this could be fixed…


That was assigned a fixit ticket back in 2016 but five years later it’s still on the to-do list.

it is really annoying!

Yes, this is very irritating behavior. Hopefully theres a fix coming soon.

Wow… did this just get fixed today? I notice now that browsing albums from link such as the genres or from bookmarks, I am returning to the previous position in the album list after selecting an album. That wasn’t the case this morning… I was still returning to the top of the list. I am using the current versions core on my Nucleus+ and current version of the MacOS remote.

No change in behavior here, and I have the latest version.

Fascinating. This afternoon it was working as it should (returning to the previous position), and now it all of a sudden it has reverted back to returning to the top of the list. I swear I am not dreaming this, and next time I will record it…

There are just so many instances of inconsistent behavior in Roon. The other one that is really annoying is how single-artist compilations (e.g. a artist greatest hits) sometime appears in Discography with main albums and sometimes under compilations.

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Try this: go to a genre, and from the albums page, use the filter (funnel icon at the top right). Filter on anything, e.g. an artist name. See what happens. Then remove the filter and see what happens.

For me, when you filter, it will start returning to the previous position instead of to the top of the list. And it will keep doing that, even after removing the filter and/or going to another genre or bookmark.

I’m having the same problem and it is really frustrating. it scrolls all the way to the top of my albums rather than just goin back to the last spot. I have not a found a setting that changes the behavior. I don’t recall it doing this before this latest big update. It makes the experience unenjoyable if you have a large collection as you have to scroll all the way down to get back to where you were as you go through your list of music in a particular genre.

Roon Nucleus plus is my core and IOS devices, I pad, phone, I pad mini as well a macbook in my office all exhibit the same problem. My dacs are
dragon fly on the computer, and denifrips Pontus in my system and Parasound z dav v. 2

Yes, with a similar Mac as core, I have found today (in other words, a new hiccup) when browsing albums in ‘New Releases for you’ - when I select any particular genre (jazz, blues, rock) and drill down to a particular album of interest, then click the back button, the page reverts back to ‘all xxx albums’ instead of just going back a single page to the albums in the genre I was searching.
The ongoing navigation issues are really becoming a nuisance especially since none of these were occurring (at least not for me) under 1.7 - how the heck are these fundamental navigation issues continuing to crop up?

Same problem here! :rage:

I thought the latest release was suppose to fix this? Apparently, it was just fixed when accessing the My Album page from the hamburger menu. :roll_eyes:

Can we get some consistent behavior here, please!? So frustrating!

Extremely frustrating. And it doesn’t seem like it will be fixed anytime soon

What’s especially frustrating is they took the time to fix it when accessing My Albums via the hamburger menu, but didn’t bother to fix it in other instances while they were in there working on it. :rage:

I also have the same problem, which began with version 1.8.

It’s not fixed for me when I do that in my iPad.

This has been a problem long before 1.8. I’d have to search to find the exact date but a fixit number was assigned to it 4 or 5 years ago.

Hi everyone,

our team is looking into this. We’ll be keeping everyone up to date here:

I’m closing this Topic and we will continue to update the one above. Thanks for the patience and feedback as we continue looking into this.